Living Glossary for a Diffractive Publishing Practice

Publishing practices involve different processes, from creating, designing, and conceptualizing to filtering, circulating, and amplifying. Even though some multiple theories and authors approach each of them in a compartmentalized way, we propose to pause on defining them individually and allow space for possible connections and entanglements. Not to find a generalized idea of publishing but to see it as complex and living materiality.

This glossary is an ongoing and ever-changing attempt to introduce a diffractive methodology inside publishing practices, understanding publishing as the act of making public. It is organized as a container of words that are never fully defined, only annotated. Words become tools, concepts, resources, and shapes with properties that enhance new possibilities. In this glossary, they don't close the publishing scenario to territory arts or design. Instead, they are porous and permeable to other spheres of action.

The glossary is seen as mutable, and the current state results from collective workshops where participants are invited to think and converse around its words and annotations. During the workshop, diffraction performs a conscious interconnection of practices beyond reflection.

Please check the source pad and read the instructions if you want to contribute by adding new words, annotations, or properties.